Monday, January 31, 2011


Vividwireless is looking at providing its customers with revolutionary 4G wireless broadband network in the region of Australia. The service was initially only to be provided in Perth where it was launched early 2010 in the month of March last year. The WiMAX mobile standard is going to be further more spread and will also see the addition of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne to the scheme of things. The 4G technology is going to be the most revolutionary and advanced technology as offered to the people. This is even as currently 3G/HSDPA wireless networks being the standard norm. The 3G network is offered by Telstra, Optus and VHA. The download speeds as offered by the network has also been quite good with ranging from 6Mbps to 15Mbps. This apart even the upload speeds have been decent enough with touching 1Mbps.

Vividwireless is a division of the Seven Group and has recently made a new statement. This being the fact that it is going to allocate more gigabytes in terms the download quota to the current plans that is offered by the company to its customers of the network. As of now the plan costs monthly $35 and $49. Another plan the company was offering earlier was the $99/40GB plan which isn’t continued now by the provider. A new 15GB plan has instead come into place which gives thus 15GB for fifty dollars monthly. This is also true of many other offerings from the house of Vividwireless which have seen fluctuations in their prices. There has been a new prepaid plan included which goes $79/12GB plan. One may also opt for home phone pack or the broadband pack from Vividwireless . This pack is ordered in the range of $39 to $109. Martin Mercer who is the chief executive at the company spoke of how they offered some of the best deals to their customers and only looking at giving them ultra benefit and added freedom.

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