Monday, January 31, 2011


Leading United Kingdom communications regulator Ofcom has sent a fresh breath of air for the rural areas of the country. The regulator has now got into talks with leading broadband provider British telecom. The proposal is to not only provide with these rural regions with the better broadband connections of today but also at a much subsidized price. For the same, BT will be charging lesser to the internet service providers (ISPs) wherever BT has the monopoly of providing these services. If Ofcom has things its way, then the broadband rates will go down by as much as 10.75% to 14.75%. For once as many as three million homes as well as businesses included will beam with a hearty smile on their lips without fading. What with the considerable discount they may thus be entitled to.

Scotland, South West of England, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Wales, Cumbria, Northumberland and Northern Ireland are among the regions that will benefit no ends with the prices going down. Once the matter is settled between ofcom and the broadband provider the regulatory body is bound to make an official statement with the reduced prices coming into play. For once, the ISPs and the consumers in these areas will be happy and looking forward to the new prices coming into play in the near future. Consumer Focus external affairs director Adam Scorer, feels the reduced prices come into play now even as the entire of United Kingdom is going through a fibre optic broadband revolution. This will have most parts of the country getting access to super fast broadband speed by as much as 2015. None the less, places with low population might not see getting a much reduced broadband pricing since the profits here are also lower.

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