Monday, January 31, 2011


The fibre optic broadband revolution is already here in the United Kingdom. By as much as the year of 2015 one may see most parts of the region getting access to tremendous internet speeds of as much as 100mb. But then there has been a clash between British Telecom and another relatively small cable operator Smallworld Cable. For once, the David will be battling it out with the Goliaths like BT and company in their quest to giving the fastest of broadband speeds in the area. The tender process is currently still going on even as Cumbria is selected to be among the places that will get the next generation broadband being fitted as part of the a £10 million broadband subsidy. Smallword Cable chief executive, for once, feels that they actually have a good chance of winning the bid for getting the contract of providing people in the region with the super advanced broadband speeds.

David Durnford is thus more than confident of doing well in the region what with the fact that they have a considerable base of customers in Kingstown and Carlisle. They also have a base in Kendal. As many as thirty of the enterprise’s seventy staff, are also located in Cumbria. Smallworld Cable as of now offers with broadband connections to as many as ten thousand plus homes in the northern and western parts of Carlisle. Smallworld in the enema while is also looking at providing the more rural areas with the fast broadband connections and at a wholesale price at that. For the advanced broadband packages otherwise come at a steep price. The ten thousand homes in the north and west of Carlisle will thus see getting superfast fibre optic broadband for as less as £29 a month.

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